How TV Influences What You Wear

When making fashion choices, it’s easy to see just from looking around that people are more prone to purchase an article of clothing if they’ve seen it worn by one of their favorite stars or if they’ve seen it worn in one of their favorite movies, sitcoms or reality shows by a cast member. They might even choose to purchase that crazy colored dress that they saw the weather girl wearing on their local news channel.

From TV to Reality

It’s easy to think that if it looks good on TV it will certainly look good in real life. TV has inspired so many forms of fashion from sundresses worn by Elizabeth Taylor to white suits worn by disco dancing John Travolta. It’s easy for people to associate themselves with TV stars. A thin, brown haired girl with long legs may associate herself with Daisy Duke and have no problem sporting around in cut-off shorts, just as a tall, lanky man with a thick mustache associates himself with Sam Elliott and dresses in western attire from his hat to his boots. When people associate themselves with someone on TV whether it’s by their physical appearance or by personality, they may choose to dress in the same fashion.

TV and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

Fashion and TV go hand in hand. When a popular star wears a certain outfit in a popular movie, fashion trends are set both by the movie and by the star. People want to be able to have that fashion item and they want to be able to have that look and style that they’ve found so appealing in the movies. A successful movie can introduce a whole new line of fashion to the public. If a movie is a hit then the fashion designer that was able to have his clothing used in the movie is going to have a lot of help pushing his product so that the public has access to it.

A great movie with awesome stars can not only benefit the film industry but it can also benefit the fashion industry as well as the retail industry.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Many people will choose to wear an item that they’ve seen someone else wear on TV even though it may not complement them as they think it does. Certain fashion items are made for people of particular sizes and shapes and not every outfit is made for every person. This applies to both men and women. Just because something looks good on a star on TV doesn’t mean that it is going to make others look like television stars. There are many fashion items that have been worn on TV that really shouldn’t be worn by people in the real world no matter what size or type of person they are. Not every outfit that is seen on TV is meant to be repeated in reality.

When choosing fashion, people should choose what complements their own body type and what makes them look good as well as feel good. See for satellite TV prices.

Hugh Luman is a wannabe screen writer who also takes an interest in fashion. He enjoys blogging about his two interests for various sites.

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