What’s new in shopping bags for 2018?

The spring-summer season heralds the latest totes and stylish shoppers. But along with juicy new colours and prints, there’s also a range of more ethical and unusual options. Read on to find out what’s trending in the bag market right now.

Shoppers have been around for years, but this season sees the return of the tote as a fashion statement as well as a practical carrier. Everything from spring florals to tribal motifs have been seen in prints, while hot colours like royal blue and other primaries are making a splash when it comes to summer. And with the market growing for eco-friendly versions and celebrity-endorsed charity bags, you’ll have more choice than ever when it comes to picking that essential carry-all.

The classics

– For many fashionistas, you can’t beat a good old-fashioned leather tote, preferably designer-made, that will last for years to come. This year, brighten up a crocodile-skin handbag or a plain leather tote with an exuberant shade like orange or red like those in the complete range of handmade Bulaggi Bags.
– Fur is also a classic that’s making a comeback, with designers like Chloe going for faux-deerskin and Bulaggi Bags getting involved with the wild look.
– Monochrome stripes and panels in black and white still stand-out if you’re not a fan of colour, while brown leather is a timeless pick that never goes out of style.
– Another option is to follow the spring trend for soft pastels, using colours like mint, ice-blue and the palest of pinks to transform a bulky tote into a demure fashion piece.

The contemporary twist

– If you want to get in on the ethical action this season, the canvas shopping bag is only becoming more popular, as the high street moves away from wasteful plastic carriers and smart buyers take extra storage with them to the shops.
– Some collections include string bags which unfold from the tiniest of clutches, enabling you to bring home those last minute groceries for dinner, without much forward planning involved. However, these can be a little budget-stretching, so pick up a string market bag for under  5 instead and simply store it wherever you like.
– Following designer Comic Relief bags, celebrities from Stella McCartney to Heidi Klum have been endorsing the charity shopper with their own designs, promoting fashion and a good cause at the same time.
– More innovative ideas include bio-degradable bags, which last anything up to 60 days and are made from natural materials like flax-viscose, so there’s no harm to the environment when they’re done.

Whether you’re opting for a low-cost eco-bag to last the summer months or investing in something from the complete range of handmade Bulaggi Bags, the shopping bag is officially back. So get ready to follow in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo this summer and take to the streets with a stylish shopper.

Keira Rose writes on fashion for a number of print journals and style blogs. Focusing on accessories, she often uses resources like the complete range of handmade Bulaggi Bags when researching examples of new-season lines. She’s recently taken up knitting and crochet as a fun way of making hand-crafted bags for friends.

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