Five factors to consider before getting a baby

Any woman can have a child whenever they want, but the real challenge comes in raising them. Babies are not only costly but also require incredible attention and consistent care for them to grow up properly mentally and physically. That being so, you will want to make sure that you are ready for one so that you don’t find yourself unprepared when the baby finally comes. Here are some critical aspects you should look at and get prepared if you are planning to get one:


Your Financial State

Children are not exactly cheap. They come with obligations and expenses that have to be met if they are to be raised safely and in a friendly environment

The costs begin in pregnancy. You have to change your lifestyle to suit your new condition. Changing what you eat, when you sleep, how often you exercise and what you wear. This means you have to stop or reduce your intake of alcohol and processed foods and buy more fruits vegetables and organic foods. You have to buy the baby items that will be put in the nursery, including baby furniture. You will need to stock up the child’s wardrobe with toddler tops and plenty of little shoes. You also need to have enough money to cover the entire process of delivery and postnatal care. You need to change your wardrobe and include more maternity clothes for your comfort, especially towards the third trimester. Once the baby is born, you have to start catering for their clothes, diapers, food and education as they grow older. You will be responsible for them from that moment onwards until they can take care of themselves as adults.


Emotional stability and availability

Emotional instability will always reflect on your parenthood. Children need you to be always there for them. You will be required to set aside your worries and cater to them. You will be required to be emotionally available for not just the children but your partner. After a long day at work, you will need to pick the children from school, make sure that they are okay, take them home and make sure that they eat well. You will need to be emotionally available enough to help them with their homework, help them solve any conflicts between them and take them to bed. Motherhood is an entire experience full of sacrifice where most of your time and efforts will revolve around your children. Are you ready for that?

While it doesn’t sound like something you will ever be ready for, most of it will almost always come naturally after you give birth. You need to make sure that you have enough balance to go through with it.


Your physical health

You need to consider your health in terms of any illnesses you may pass to your newborn. Some are inherited, and not much can be done about them, but others can be prevented. You also need to make sure that your body is in good shape to bear children without posing any threat to your life. For example, if you have had a Caesarian section in your previous deliveries, it would be advisable to get an examination and have the doctor clear you to have children. This is because your womb needs to heal well before being able to hold a baby and nurture them to maturity. You should also avoid conception if you are under any medication that could endanger your baby. For instance, the drug isotretinoin that is used to treat acne can cause a variety of congenital disabilities such as congenital heart failure and gland dysfunction.

Your Plans

Before getting a baby, you should also consider your plans. Everyone has some plan, even if short term, regarding how they intend their life to turn out.

Personal plans may include your goals towards marriage, your social life, family life and pursuing anything that you want to do with yourself before getting baby. A baby doesn’t necessarily hold you back, but there are things that you may need to hold back when you have one. For instance, if you plan to travel the earth with a merry band of friends to sample the finest liquors and wines of the world, then a baby really wouldn’t be a great idea.

Career goals may also be a significant determinant of when you should have a baby. You shouldn’t, however, let your work govern your life so that you don’t even have time to plan and raise a family because you are too busy. You can only work for so long – take some time to save enough to take at least a year’s break and get that baby bump you’ve wanted for so long. You can always hop right back on your work train as soon as you’ve healed from delivery.

Your partner’s consideration

If you have a husband or partner who will be major;y affected with you having a baby, make sure that you involve them in the decision-making. They need to be ready too. They need to be available to offer you and the baby the physical and emotional support that you will need. They may need to make changes to their career plans to accommodate fatherhood. Don’t spring the surprise on them when they least expect it – a baby is a beautiful thing, but their presence is best appreciated when they are expected and have been planned for.


In conclusion, there’s plenty to consider when planning for a baby. Things need to be put to accommodate a little human who will forever be part of your world from the moment they are conceived. Remember that if you want a baby, nothing should hold you back, least of all, your career.



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