Costume and Theme Party Ideas to Make Your Next Event Extraordinary

If you want to throw some more parties throughout the year to get your friends together and have a great time but you are tired of always hosting the same types of parties, such as barbeques in the summer or holiday parties in December, consider throwing theme parties or even costume parties that allow your guests to truly become a part of a special event.

To make your parties really stand out, read through the ideas below to get yourself started. Then use your imagination to make each idea uniquely your own.

Hollywood Gathering

Invite all of your friends over for a Hollywood themed party. Awards season could be a perfect time of year to do this, although it can certainly work at any other time of the year as well. Who doesn’t love movies and the celebrities that make them come alive? From historical celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to modern day icons like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, entice your friends to dress up as their favorite, or least favorite, actresses and actors in Hollywood. You may have a couple who loves classic films come in dressed up as Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler from “Gone with the Wind” or you may even have others dress up as reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian. Leaving the costumes up to your friends will certainly make for an interesting mix of characters.

Heaven vs. Hell

Have a theme party based around the idea of Heaven and Hell. People can come in dressed up as villains and demons or saints and angels. Like the Hollywood themed party, you can leave the costumes completely up to your friends. See how many people would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Hawaiian Luau

A luau is a perfect theme party for the summer. Enjoy cold cocktails out of pineapples and coconuts and adorn each guest with a lei as they enter. Don’t forget the tiki torches if the party is held outside!

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball requires that all of your guests get dressed up in beautiful clothes and also bring along a gorgeous mask that covers at least part of the face. Play music that encourages your guests to dance with one another and mingle so that they can get to know each other before taking the masks off and revealing their faces to one another. This is a great way to get friends together who have never met, especially since you never know who will hit it off and have a love connection.

Southern Charm

A southern themed costume party could be loads of fun, complete with cowboys, Southern belles, and the occasional redneck costume as well. Have some beer and punch available, as well as plenty of songs ready to go on your stereo to encourage some fun line dances that everyone can participate in, no matter how well they dance. You can even encourage everyone to speak with a southern accent while they’re in attendance to make it really feel like ya’ll are from the Deep South.

Lisa loves throwing parties for her friends. Costume parties are a particular favorite because all of her friends get to participate in making the event extra special. No matter what time of year, she can use her imagination to come up with a party theme idea that will be sure to please.

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