Bye Bye Summer Sales, Hello Year-round Discounts!

Gone are the days when sales were the highlight of the season – you’d finish work and find yourself rushing into your favourite store at the mere sight of a ‘sale’ sign in the window.  January sales were the best time to spend your Christmas money, and the summer sales saw pretty dresses and bikinis at discount prices.


The world of fashion has moved on, and more of us now shop online than ever before. We’re less patient, less willing to pay high prices, and more demanding than we used to be – why should we pay more for the things we want?  With the development of discount sites where you can search for practically any item of clothing your heart desires, it’s never been easier to find affordable fashion online, and avoid the crowds on your local high street. It is little wonder that we are seeing big names on the High Street dropping like flies, with online sales sites now so prevalent in our shopping habits.

Choosing fashion online

We all now know that buying online is second nature. It is straightforward, cheaper, and you can do it all from your favourite sofa with a glass of wine in one hand. However, there are some things you should never buy online, no matter how tempting the idea of year-round discount may be:

·Super-expensive lingerie – many retailers have strict returns policies on lingerie, so if you find it doesn’t fit or it isn’t quite what you were hoping for, you may be left out of pocket. If it is just the discount you are after, head to a shop on the High Street to try and minimise the risk.

·Shoes – it can be tempting to buy shoes online, and if you know what size you are, then by all means go ahead!  Many of us swing between one size or another depending on where we’re purchasing from.  If you are buying shoes online, choose a retailer which offers free or cheap returns, so you know you can swap them for another size if they don’t fit.

·Foundation – you might think that looking at the colour swatches on your computer enables you to choose the right colour of MAC foundation to match your skin tone – it doesn’t!  What’s more, once you’ve opened the bottle, you’re stuck with it.  You should always buy your foundation in person, and try out a new shade on your skin before purchasing – most makeup counters will happily give you a small sample to take away before you decide if it’s right for you.

Whilst the sales can still host some great bargains, nowadays it is easy to benefit from discounts year round thanks to websites that will hunt for the best deals for you.  So lie back on the sofa with your cup of tea and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home, for the perfect way to find fashion at a great price.


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