The right age to start using Anti ageing products

Many people wonder when is the right time to use anti-ageing products and worry about the results. The ageing starts at the age of 25 and continues. The ageing also depends on the skin type of the person and the care they provide to their skin, but in general, the ageing will start at the age of 25. It is always advisable by the dermatologists to start using anti-ageing treatment before it gets too late.

How to analyze the ageing skin:

There are three stages of ageing. The best way to fight ageing is to analyze the skin well and start using anti-ageing remedies at the very first stage to get better results.

  • Stage I:

The first sign of ageing is the dull and glow less skin. The sudden decrease in the glow of your face is a prominent sign of ageing that needs to be catered at an early stage. The skin will become exceptionally dry even after applying a moisturizer with rough and uneven surface.

  • Stage II:

Then the next stage will be the appearance of dark spots along with the patchy skin. This will be followed by uneven skin tone and the emergence of rashes. The pores will open, and dirt will start to accumulate in them. This might result in the outset of blemishes.

  • Stage III:

The final stage will be surfacing of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin will start to sag, and the elasticity of skin will be at a diminishing point.

The various stages of skin ageing will help in understanding the kind of anti ageing products to be used to get better and quicker results. The main reason behind ageing is the lack of collagen in the skin that is the source of elasticity. The products will improve the collagen content in the skin and will help in rejuvenation of skin.

Dermatologists’ speaking tree:

Many dermatologists advise products that have high mineral content. The minerals will be supplied to the skin directly for better results. The doctors also guide to take supplements along with the usage of the products. This will fulfill the inner deficiency and will bring a glow to the skin that will be natural and from within.

The doctors will also guide to undergo certain tests to check whether the ageing is because of natural or a result of some deficiency. Many times, it is noticed that the ageing is a result of certain deficiencies in the body. As a result of such deficiencies, skin loses the glow and lacks moisture.

Test the products before using:

There are many anti ageing creams and other products available in the market. It is not necessary that all the products will suit everyone. The skin is allergic to many chemicals, and the usage of such products will give adverse results. It is always a necessity to test the products before using them. If the product gives a burning sensation, leaves any kind of rash or red mark, then the products must not be used.

Other supplementary methods to fight ageing:

The usage of anti ageing products is an effective way to fight the skin ageing and get a younger look. The products can be consumed with following steps to get better results in less time.

  • Exercising will produce endorphins and serotonin in the body. These hormones anticipate happiness and acts as natural glowing agent to the body. Scientists have proved that work out for 30 minutes a day will help in fighting ageing skin.
  • Natural remedies like applying milk or other homemade products will support the products to fight ageing in a better way. The natural remedies alone will not help the skin rejuvenation, but when used with the products will give better results.

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