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  • PR/Sponsorship

    Building a relationship is all about trust.  Trust on both sides.   I’m a wife, I’m a mother of almost 5 year old boy & girl twins, I am strong, I am sensitive, I love sleeping and talking.  Along with my deals I love cupcakes, Photography and southern food.

    If you are interested in Advertisement, Sponsorship or Product Review please Contact me and we can customize a plan that fits both parties. Topics that fit nicely into my blog setting are as follows:

    Family friendly products, eco-friendly hair care, clothing, skincare, Play items for 5 year olds, Travel aides & Travel within the US and abroad travel, Technology items, home improvement & any lifestyle product that’s frugal.


    Please use contact form to inquire about special sized ads pricing.  If you need assistance with Creating graphics for your Promotion,  I can assist you with that as well for an included fee.

    Product Review:

    All Products chosen need to be relevant to this blog.  Family Friendly and new.  That being said, please use the contact form to send product.


    I’m always trying to find ways to imporove my craft.  Sponsorship to me is more than just receiving funds for an event.  To me, this is truly a relationship of two like-minded individuals that see the same vision.   Being able to represent a brand that I respect and not only use myself but help share in brand awareness would be an honor.

    Please contact me to customize the best options for both parties.  Thank you in advance

    ….and if for some reason this blog just isn’t a good fit for your product.  I also have two other blogs that I successfully own & regularly post: