How to find the TDF brand After Google Reader Closes

With some much Google Change happening I wanted to make sure you all are find me and my many sites on the web.  There are many ways you can find me, follow me and subscribe to receive notifications of my posts. If you have followed me from the beginning of time (there are a few of you still left – Thank You)  You’ve seen a shift in my posting style to the way I live now.  If you just recently stumbled up on me, welcome and I hope one of my sites can resonate with you personally and you stick around because I love conversation.

Google Reader/BlogLovin

For those that used Google Reader to follow me, as an alternative you can follow me through Bloglovin.  Here you can find all my blogs in one spot and subscribe to feeds.
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If you prefer to just receive HOT news that are exclusive to my newsletter subscribers, you can follow via the TDF Newsletter:

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Social Media Networks

This one is kinda tricky.  I have a ton of them but am active on all.  Here we go:


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And then there’s the social media sites that are all the same for all my brands: