Monster University, A Life Lessons Animated Film

Disclosure:  I was invited as press to pre-screen Monster University.  All opinions are my own. Images provided by Disney Studios.  To view full TDF disclosure, click here.

I haven’t did too many movie previews this because they just haven’t caught my attention.  I knew when I received an invite to preview Monster University however, I wanted to see it.  This Disney Film is packed full with life lessons. I’m sure at when I initially thought about the movie I imagined it being about a bunch of monsters and how they learned how to scare.  It was, but it was so much more.  I’m so glad the twins were able to check it out and we could talk about the life lessons this fun movie brought to the table.

Want to know what life lessons I got from this movie?  I tried to match the best image in the film that the life lesson was happening.  If you go check out the film, come back and share your thoughts!


Having a dream:

Right off the bat, when they flashed to Mike Wazowski as a child and having that exposure to college and what it could do for me…I knew this movie was going to be packed with life lessons.  Giving your children exposure to things gives them options.  Options to what could be and what they could want.  Mike knew early on that going to Monster University was the start of his dream.


Never Giving Up:

Even though most told him that he wasn’t scary (which he so wasn’t…too cute for words).  He kept at it.  He kept doing and being all the things he wanted and eventually it happened. I’m a HUGE believer in think it, see it, become it.  Even after so many let down and even getting kicked out, Mike didn’t give up.  He kept being the best at everything that he did and eventually he because what he wanted to become….love that!



Team Work:

Getting to the top takes a team work.  Trying to get there alone and stepping on others along the way is a long road and one that might never be obtained.  Working together builds personal character and allows you to show your strengths in the area you excel in.  We can’t be everything and when Mike figured that out he soared.  I love this one because it’s what I try to teach my children all the time.  Lean on each other, support each other and you will reach to the top faster and you’ll have a cheering team along the way!

MONSTERS UNIVERSITYNever Judge a Book by its Cover:

This is self-explanatory.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  To judge is only short-changing yourself because you can and will most likely be 100% wrong.  These vastly different group were exactly what you would judge at on-look.  Grandpa with his glasses, cute little piggie and his round feet, two heads and their two eyes and really wide long feet.  They made the perfect complete sorority if you asked me. They all brought something to the table and together….they succeeded.



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