The Ultimate Frugal Family Buying Guide


If you meet me, I’ll be “put” together, top to bottom.  But if you walk into my closet, you won’t find a ton of clothes.  If you follow me on twitter, I share lot’s of my favorite eats around town (Vegas) or during travels.  But if you dine with me, you’ll see just how lite in the pocket I eat.  You all seem to want to know how is it that I claim to live a frugal lifestyle yet still purchase items from PotteryBarn, PBKids, Nordstrom, etc. How can I claim to be a frugal blogger when you see trips, dining out, etc? I don’t blame you…I would want to know too.  Let’s take a look at what frugal really means:

What is Frugal, Frugal Lifestyle

I’m cost conscious and make sure I spend money where I want and not in other places. Does that make me frugal? Yes! Depends on who you are talking to, but I would like to think it just makes me smart in how I choose to spend the family money. I’ve been told that what I do is shuffling (shuffling funds) or penny-pinching or whatever you want to call it but this is me and this IS my life.

Since taking away coupons from my daily diet (find out why here) it’s been a stretch on keeping my lifestyle but as you know, it’s just a way of life for me …so making it happen was NOT an option.

Below is a long list of all my favorite products, how much they cost, how/when I buy and how I make it work for me and my family.  I hope you enjoy!

{Frugal Lifestyle Guide to Buying}

If you have Tips, locations or additional ideas, leave a comment below.  and/OR become a TDF tester here.

Favorite Hair Products –

CarolsDaughter – lately Ive been getting the body care from TJMaxx or getting it online when it’s on sale with free shipping.

        Frugal Lifestyle

Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer

Price: 20.00


Frugal Lifestyle

Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner

Price: 14.00



Frugal Lifestyle

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, 13 oz – Walmart has it for $5+ for the 13oz. But we get the 19.5 at Albertsons for $7+

As I Am Leave-In Conditioner | Frugal Lifestyle
As I Am Leave-In Conditioner
 – I absolutely love this for everyone in my house. I will grab this at Sally Beauty with coupons because they have the best price for all the As I am products.  A bottle will usually last me 3 months, so I buy it 4 times per year.

As I Am Coconut CoWash | Frugal Lifestyle

As I Am Coconut CoWash
 – The best product for African-American hair that doesn’t need daily washing. This product will last me 6 months, so I’ll buy it twice per year.  Black Friday they had a 20% and the $5 off $25 are my fave.

Frugal Lifestyle

Kinky Curly I use solely on my daughter’s (mixed hair). It gives a great hold but you have to be careful with build up because it will start to flake.  Rehydrating with water will control the water but I usually only purchase it once or twice at the most per year. At Target you can get it for $16+ but I have seen some Target’s for $18. Depends on location.

Favorite Clothing Stores

H&M – enough said!  We usually receive 5-6 per year from them and I use them for the entire family all year-long.  I’m very selective in the pieces I buy. Timeless pieces that have no expiration date work best and never go out of style.  – I flip-flop between online and in-store buying with old navy.  It just depends what we need and when the coupons are out.

Favorite Household Products

Williams Sonoma Outlet – for me this is located in Primm Nevada and we are HUGE fans of this store.  I’ve been able to grab everything from comforters to pots, rubs for our meat, margarita mix, utensils and more just from this one location.  Usually when I pick it up it’s down to 75% off the regular price. If you live near one I highly recommend frequenting the store for deals or follow their twitter & Facebook.  I believe they each have their own and list sales. Primm, NV Facebook | Twitter – My goto spot for BIG ticket items that I truly want but can’t afford in one lump sum.  The only downfall to using a home shopping network is that the price is usually higher.  However, if you really want something TODAY and can afford to make payments over time, this is a great option.

ShopNBC – I can’t say enough about home shopping networks.  If you are a good budget conscious individual, this is a great option. – My goto site for anything and everything.  I always recommend Amazon Prime.  If you can grab a free trial version, that’s awesome!!  If not and you purchase the $79/yr…it pays it self off easily.

Favorite Children’s Bedding

Pottery Barn Kids – I shop online and in-store for deals.  In-store has been great because I can get floor models at a fraction of the price.  Both of my twins rooms are outfitted in PotteryBarn kids but everything in there is only purchased on clearance.  I purchased their comforters before they were born and still have them.  They’ve washed up extremely well and have had many many washes in the past 8 years.

Favorite Adult Bedding

frugal lifestyle
Macy’s – I always Shop Online Deals & Promos at and in-store. I can remember my friend telling me years ago that she picked up a 3-piece Tommy Hilfiger Suit for $99 in-store.  I scope the bedding section all the time because of that very reason and have gotten great deals on king size bedding for $19, kid coats for $14+ in-store and occasion online.  Good quality items but on clearance or with coupons.

Favorite Children’s Shoes

Stride Rite Outlet – We purchase the twins shoes twice per year for school.  Once in the fall and once around the first of the year.  Stride Rite will usually have BOGO deals that we regularly use.  The reason I shop here instead of payless or walmart is because our twins have specialty  My son requires a wide very supportive shoe and my daughter a narrow low heel.  Sure, Walmart carries wide, but the quality is just not there.  My son will plow through a Walmart brand shoe in 30 days the way he plays soccer. Finally it’s just better to invest in a better quality shoe.

SKECHERS – I’ve noticed since the twins are getting bigger, the style at Stride Rite are no longer working.  I can get the same deal (if not better) at Skechers but more style options that I was getting at Stride Rite.

Favorite Adult Shoes

Frugal LIfestyle

SKECHERS – For all my running (which if you know me, that doesn’t really happen) jogging and cute walking shoes, I head here first. I’m super low maintenance when it comes to clothes and shoes.  This means, I don’t buy them regularly.  It’s not a high priority for me so I might buy running shoes every 2-3 years.

Nordstrom Rack – Same thing here but for me.  I have the original “specialty feet” in the family.  My feet are long and narrow.  I can not just go into Walmart and pick up a pair of shoes.  They just do not fit.  Nordstrom Rack not only has the size to fit me but also not having an arch, their shoes offer great support. Boots maybe one pair per year and other shoes as needed.  See….low maintenance, told ya!  I spend my money else where…facial care, trips, etc.

Favorite Facial Care

Origins – I buy the skin care lotion line of this product once per year. My absolute FAVORITE body lotion on the planet is A perfect World.  If you haven’t tried it, you MUST!!  For $32.50 your skin ins transcended into a hydrated, dewy state that lasts all day with a light fresh scent.  I will not go without this lotion. Join their birthday club because you will get a $10 off $25+ coupon every year.  This is what I use to buy my body cream.   They make the lotion and cream but I think the cream lasts longer.

DollarTree – I will be making this a post by itself.  $2 total and keeps my skin clear and hydrated for this desert.

HouseHold Furniture

Craigslist – Sure I would love to buy new furniture and I have but to furnish our new home which had quite a bit more space than our last residence, I looked to Craigslist. One man’s trash in another man’s treasure!  Being able to create furniture pieces that I see on HGTV or some of my favorite stores, Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, etc…but at a fraction of the price.  Who wouldn’t love this.  AND our kids get to see what working hard will yield you.

RC Willey Home Furnishings – Now, I know this furniture store isn’t everywhere but it’s where we shop.  Not to mention the fabulous giveaway’s they have weekly to FREE Products, but they really do offer great prices when in need. All of their stores have a mini outlet in the back of the stores and it has amazing finds.

Movies– A matinée or drive in.  That’s it.  Night-time movies are NOT an option.  Unless I’m invited to a press event which does happen, I save the movies for daytime, or DVD. 


I would love to not only build on this list but find out what’s on your list of favorite that work for your family and how you do it….care to share in the comment section below?  Would love to hear.