Planning your Frugal Surprises

It’s no secret I love taking pictures, It’s also no secret I love getting things for free, don’t we all?  Shutterfly offers free cards often and I have no trouble in taking them.  That’s why I’m an affiliate.  Every holiday, birthday and special occasion I plan.  I plan for what is coming up…<clearing voicemother’s day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, etc...>  That way I not only have a personalized card for that individual, I’ll also have it done and out of the way.  Sweet right!  Haven’t I mentioned before that a frugal lifestyle requires planning?  With planning you get more money in your pocket.  I took these pictures over Easter so I could give them out for Father’s Day last year.

I love making the receiving individual feel special.  Knowing that I’ve thought about them in advance and made sure to customize a card for them…that is priceless!

Here’s how you can get 5 FREE cards 

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