TDF: the Other Divisions of TheDealFanatic

Just in case you aren’t yet following me on Facebook, Twitter or G+…I made a little announcement on Wednesday about my full brand.  In preparation of my spring, summer and fall travels I wanted to make sure you all know where other posts might be happening with The Deal Fanatic Brand.  Meet my other divisions:



You’ve probably heard me mention them from time to time.  My cupcakey site now TDFcupcakes has been around for over 4 years now.  TDFtravel has been around for about 2 but sitting idle just waiting to break out.  They all have their own social media so if you have a passion for either of those, make sure to follow them.


TDFtravel –
Twitter – @TDFtravels
Facebook –
Google+ –


TDFcupcakes –
Twitter – @TDFcupcakes
Facebook –
Google + –

Pinterest for all:

Instagram for all:

If you’re wondering which site will house what pieces of information, let me break it down for you:


  • Family recipes and eats that I find are located on
  • Restaurants that I explore or find in my travels, local or away are located on TDFtravels
  • All things sweets are found on

I hope you find something you like at one or all of my sites.  I enjoy them all because they’re pieces of me and my life!


I think everything else is pretty self explanatory.  If you follow me on instagram, you probably are thinking to yourself…..I think she’s missing a division!  Nope, I have them all covered just further developing them.

If you are a blogger and have cupcake finds, recipes or creations.  Or if you travel often with your family, or just found the best thing at your local dollar tree and want to share….I’m always open to guest blogging.