My Favorite In-Store Spring Deal Finds

One of the things I love the most about having the kids in school now is having just a wee bit of “me” time.  I Don’t get too much of it because I spend a chunk of my day either at their school, blogging or house work (which I happen to love).  However when I do have those days of just me time, I love it and can’t get enough of it.


H&M store finds

I took in a movie (Admission – post coming up on Friday) this morning with blogging friend RockStarMomLV and her friend.  Can I tell you how fabulous it is to do a movie in the morning at 10am!  It was so quiet, so clean and just nice.  Have you done it before?  How was it for you?

Since I had a few hours before the kiddie pies needed to be picked up, I thought this was the perfect time for me to dig into what’s new for spring and spend some quality time with ME.  My first stop was one of my favorite – H&M.  Love this store for so many reasons.  When new items come in I love it because that means there are old items that’s headed out.  And today I nabbed a few of those items I’ve had my eyes  on.  (Top Left image) The two body butters were originally $4.95 and on sale for $3 each.  Nail polish originally $3 on sale for $1.  Yep…I got all my favorite scents and I’m ready for summer.  Some of the items I’ll be keeping an eye on because…well…they’re full price right now are:  That super dope “all my color” bag (bottom left).  I’m so in love with this bag I can hardly stand it.  The jeans were almost painted on so we’ll be waiting on those for other reasons than the price 🙂 hint hint

Home Goods

Home Goods store finds


Then I headed to Home Goods…..SCORE!!!  I can’t get enough of Home Goods or decorating in general.  Aren’t those pencils just the cutest thing ever?  I saw them on the other day for the same price ($5.99) but of course there was shipping and this was not.    HomeGoods even actually had some $3.99 bundles so check them out if you have one near you.

Living in Las Vegas to us means every room in the house has a ceiling fan (NOT a fan!).  But it gets blazing hot here so it’s a must have. My goal is to try out a simple light fixture and do a floor fan like this one above.  Isn’t it the best looking? I fell in love with this fan the moment it mades it’s debut in the store.  We’ll see about getting that light fixture on Craigslist and wait until this little beauty convinces my cowboy.  Unfortunately with Home Goods if you don’t get it when you see it, you could be out of the item you want.