Movie for the Weekend: Oz The Great & Powerful

Tonight is the opening night for OZ, the great and powerful. Initially I was going to see it on Tuesday for a blogger screening BUT thought, seeing it with my whole family and experiencing it together would be the best thing – since this is a family movie!  The kids have been playing the Temple Run: Oz – Disney app all week in anticipation for this movie and are so ready to see it.

My twins are 7.5 and I feel like this movie is appropriate for their exposure level and age.  I’ll be giving my full review after the screening tonight so stay tuned.


If you haven’t already, guarantee your escape for the weekend with your family. Buy advance tickets to Oz The Great and Powerful. In theaters March 8th.  We will be testing out the brand spanking new theatre in Henderson, NV called GALAXY GREEN VALLEY LUXURY+ THEATRE.  I’m beyond excited to see it there because of all luxury seating with reclined seating and footrests.

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*Disclosure:  We have been invited to view this screening at Galaxy Green Valley Luxury +Theatre.  All views and opinions are my own. To view TDF complete disclosure policy, click here.