#ShowItWednesday: Stripping, Sanding & Staining

Still working on THIS table. But now we’re focusing on the actual table and not the chairs since they are all painted and awaiting their new seat cushions. Initially we wanted to paint the legs a grey color that’s identical to our current interior of the house, so we did (you’ll later see why the painting part should have happened last).  And I wanted to leave the top portion of the table alone.  But after sitting with the table in the space for a while I felt with all the variation of color it might look weird (still not sure).  Then I saw this post on Facebook from Heather over at Whipperberry (miss you Heather) and knew that’s what I wanted to do to the top of the game room table.  Now, I’ve never dealt with staining, stripping or any of that  before so this is unchartered territory.  So here we go…….


Left side is original stain and sealer. Right side is completely stripped and sanded.


Stripped and sanded.

It took two days to to fully strip the table top with this product below and another day to sand all the fine details in the grooves.  Now, I’ve been told that it’s easier to strip then to sand…I can honestly say I’m not sure now.  It’s definitely less physical work but these grooves took some time.  Oh, and we went with the Gel vs. the liquid because it seemed less messy.  We originally wanted to do it in the house but of course later….put our brains on and did the stripping outside 🙂


Finally after three days it’s finished with the stripping, sanding and ready for that fab new stain.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  But I’ll leave you with what the table looks like completely stripped,…..I kinda like it this color too 🙂  What do you think?



Show It Wednesday

Show It Wednesday

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