Preparing great Dinner meals this week with F&E

The below list is for starting Wednesday, February 27th, 2012 in Nevada (can you believe it’s March in 2 days?). Also, make sure to check out my post HERE to learn the ins and outs of Fresh & Easy and how to maximize your savings and receive store coupons.   To find your local Fresh & Easy click HERE.  Have you tried their app yet?  Oh and they have a bunch of new eat well products, go check them out!

Awesome deals this week include:

  • F&E whole young chicken, .99¢ per lb.
  • F&E tilapia fillets, $5.99 per lb.
  • F&E ready to cook stuffed salmon with spinach & feta, $5.99
  • Seedless grapes, 2 lb. pack for $1.70 per lb.
  • F&E cereal or granola bars, $1.99
  • F&E fresh soups, $2.99
  • F&E prepared salads, $3.99
  • F&E salsa, $1.99
  • F&E quick &easy meals, $1.99
  • Ballistic Gargoyle IPA, Ground Pup double bock, Bumble bee golden ale or Gorgon red ale, 4 pack for $4.99

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