Show It Wednesday: RC Willey Winnings

This post isn’t going to be my typical Show It Wednesday post.  I’m not going to be sharing what I’m working on, rather what’s new because I’m so darn excited!  When I originally posted the “BEFORE” living room shots, I forgot to update and share the “what we go rid of” shots. The chairs that were once in the living room – now “my room” – were sold back in September.  They just weren’t comfortable to sit in, even though they were absolutely stunning.  I wanted something inviting when you walk through the front door.  A place for me to read my magazines in the evenings while the kids are getting ready for bed.  A place just for me.  Mommy’s room.  Seriously, who would have ever thought I needed a room.  BUT, have a set of twins, a full-time blogging career and budding photography business and by the end of the day….anything that is “mine” sounds like a slice of heaven.  My bedroom use to work just fine.  But now, …I need it! – badly!

So we sold the two chairs and have lived with a hallow room for the past few months.  It look very similar to what it looked liked when we first moved in (see Before pics).  With holidays approaching (now gone) and recovering from all the extra expenses, sale or no sale…it just wasn’t in the budget to fill up “my room” with anything other than more hot air.  So what does a frugalista do when she wants something but can’t afford it?  She enters a giveaway…..LOL.  Don’t forget to enter mine going on now!

I check out RC Willey Home Furnishings site all the time and regularly have something in my cart, even though I know I have no intention of buying it.  I just want to watch the price fall or <usually watch it go out of stock-I’m crazy like that>. BUT….every Friday they have a giveaway on their Facebook page called the F5 Friday Weekly Giveaway.  And, well….I just so happened to enter on a Thursday evening.  Went to bed, woke up and by 10am the next morning received an email that said,

Congratulations! You are the winner for this week’s F5 Fridays.

GET OUT!!!!!  Uh….did I scream and immediately proceeded to reply back as quickly as my fingers could type:  Thank you so much,  where can I pick it up!! – yes I did!

I couldn’t believe I could now put the sofa I always wanted in “my room” and not have to be out of pocket a boat load of money (because I already knew what I wanted….)

We emailed back and forth and finally nailed down all the logistics, then was all set.  Just needed to be patient and wait for the delivery truck to bring it to my door.  RC Willey Home Furnishings is amazing!  I already knew this but experiencing their customer service and attention to detail just made me fall in love with them all over again.  Now, they are only located in Nevada, California, Utah and Idaho but if you happen to live near one…you must check out their weekly giveaway.  And when you win, tell them TheDealFanatic sent you!

Drum roll please……….without further ado, meet my new contemporary designed Upholstered Sofa from RC Willey Home Furnishings:


I’m still going to post the buttons just in case you want to share your weekly project or “this is what I got” on your site too.

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