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It’s show it Wednesday and also it’s been a while since I’ve showed anything. With the holidays upon us and it being 4th quarter I’ve slowed down and it’s been nice. I felt a little guilty this year for slowing down because there is much that I want to do but It definitely was needed. I have a couple little projects I’ve wanted to do that do not require walls moving or months and months of work. One is the game room. I’ve been on the hunt for a table that will accomodate enough space to play games, build puzzles and just a hang out table for the family. FINALLY, after months and months of searching for the perfect size, dimensions and most importantly PRICE…I’ve found it! I figured Craigslist would be the best place to find a reasonable table and that’s where I struck gold. The budget was under $100 for a large table and four chairs that I can totally redo but that is in good condition.

I’m compiling a list of items I’ll need to do this table and chair redo below(updated with links and info and dates).


Inspiration: Calico Fabrics – They offer such great ideas and color matching I had to go here first.

Purchase: – I was super excited to stumble upon this site. I was able to order samples and not pay shipping for the pieces I chose. Their pricing is great so depending on what the samples look like I might purchase from here. They had exactly what I was looking for.

Foam: Cotton Foam will probably be what I go with. The different types are, cotton, polyester or organic. There might be others but these are the top contenders I feel would be a good fit for my project. – see below –

Spray Glue: here $9.95

Batting: opted for this instead. $9.00 x4 = $36

Piping:  Cable Cord 3/16″ 10 Yards/Pkg White


I’m seriously taking my time to calculate everything that’s needed and then finding the best places to gather these items.  Since I just got it on Tuesday I haven’t had a chance to work on it.  If you have “must check out” places, please leave them in the comments.  I’ll add my sources here in this post as I find them.  Then I’ll do a final reveal once completed.  Wish me luck!

Show It Wednesday

Show It Wednesday

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*updated 12/22/12 with foam & Dacron info/link