Mama Monday’s | What will you do for yourself Today?

The weekends come and go so fast.  My days are whirlwind together.  I look forward to Monday’s because I get to finally get some things done that “I” want to do and I can reflect on the positives to uplift me for the week.  Sometimes I get it all done, 9 times out of 10 I don’t but I have great intention ( do you ?).   What do you do on Monday’s when kids are back to school and hubby’s are back to work?  Nothing?  Something?  For me, I’m deeming Monday’s “Mama Monday’s”.  I must do something for me today.  Even if it’s nothing and just watch TV, read a book or go for a walk.

Today, on the way to pick up my freebies from RC Wiley (if you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen it)  I took a walk across a bridge I’ve been wanting to do since the city first started building it.  It’s FREE, it’s exercise and I got to take in a bit of our great city.


I loved putting together that newsletter last night for you guys because it gave me a chance to condense any kid of “deal” per-say  and save the during the week posts for living frugally, like this morning.  Let me know if you enjoyed that Sunday newsletter.  I have some special things I’ll be including exclusive to newsletter subscribers in the near future.

New Summerlin Location


What will you do for yourself today and stay positive!  Want to see my freebie that I’ll be playing with?  Click here. To join the discussion of Refusing Negativity and Live a little of at Skimbaco, click here.