How We Show The Love | FREE Calendar


Every year on Christmas morning our kids are excited just like every other child in the world.  They both want to see what Santa left for them and hopefully something in a BIG way.  Our kids however, look forward to getting their annual calendar.  They LOVE seeing all the photos I chose to use of the previous year. Plus, whatever school activities they regularly have I include in the calendar with images of the previous year.  I try when I can to use different pictures for both children so they can have something of their very own (they love this part).  Do you make calendars for your kids every year?  Or for yourself?  Or maybe for gifts?

Our kids give me tons of great images for a calendar.  I’m always snapping; even when just sitting at the front door eating a bag of chips. I love those little moments.


You have one week to grab this deal absolutely free.  You know I’m all over this.  Get a Free 8.5 x 11 photo calendar now!

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