Living Room | BEFORE

We have had such a busy summer (none of which included a vacation) so instead of waiting to show you all pictures of the After/Before pictures, because let’s face it; you might not ever see any because who know’s when the after’s are going to happen…I’ve decided to share all the before’s by sections.


Blogging for me works better when I can be held accountable so maybe “just maybe” if I put up the Before’s, I’ll get emails and comments asking for the After’s and then I’ll actually get something done. Plus, this is our FOREVER home. I’m not in any rush to do every room in the house and…. last I looked, the money tree we requested didn’t get planted in the backyard. So until it does…and I secretly hope it does, we will be taking room by room (and there are a ton of rooms in this house) step by step.

THE What’s Going in the Living Room

Up first, the Living room. For now it’s been a holding spot for our old furniture. A big empty space that has been used for a great studio (it gets great morning light). I’m still not sure how I want to use the room. I can tell you that it will probably evolve as our children get older, hopefully not cluttery because I like to keep things simple. Our house colors ARE my blog colors, but you know this already. I’m in love with all three…..grey, tiffany blue and honey gold. They feel good and make me happy. We finally got rid of all the poo brown walls….finally, and my cowboy did it all his self.


>>>>>>>>>>>This is the view from the dining room to the Living room.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


This is the view from the living room to the Dining room.

Don’t take to any of the furniture in the Living room because the only thing staying is the cd case. We’ve had it for years and I love that my old school CD’s have a special home 🙂

But those super cool looking chairs…uncomfortable! As soon as you sit down, you immediately continue to the floor.  There’s nothing more embarrasing than looking like your comfortable yet can’t wait to stand up….

said the uncomfortable guest

I often thought over the years if there was some kind of leather softener I could get to make it mold to your body more. But then I thought… never mind, they are just too cumbersome to get in and out of. So even though they are super cool looking if anyone wants them, they are for sale! Plus they no longer match our style. It’s evolved and nothing about those chairs screams “we have kids”. Nothing! I want every aspect of our home to reflect our life. And our lives include kids that will hang on those arms and break them. Or better yet, sit on them and realize they can swing on them…

I have a couple things in mind, but I’ll feel the space out a bit longer. I’ve had my eye on a particular rug for a while. And even though it’s not one of my three colors, I can’t help but feel that color contract would be a great way to break up that space and define it’s usage.

THE Possible Options

Rugs USA has a rug that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’m hoping when they have their usual 75% off sale (like they’re having right now) that I also have money in my hand at the same time. It hasn’t yet but  when it does I’ll be ready.

If we go with bright art, I’ll go with the above rug because it’s a bit muted. This rug was our original choice but It’s also my typical “safe” color. I also have that wild side that wants to break out of the “safe” side and shake things up a bit with a wild rug. This way I can mute the colors around the room and make it the focal point.

What do you think? Pop of color for my wild side or muted tones for keeping the peace? I love them both and they both describe our personalities.  Depending on the day, I like it ..or sometimes I don’t.  Does that happen to you?

I’m still doing the weekly Show It Wednesday but I’m changing it up a bit. I’ll leave it up all year so you can see lot’s of others and you can find all of those projects right here in this bi-weekly meme. GO—–>

If you’ve tackled any projects over the past couple of weeks or doing some now, link up because I would love to see.

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