Honey Cinnamon Shortbread Goodness


In case you didn’t see my Facebook post the other day, you missed an awesome link to a recipe I made from an amazing blogger. Her name is Julie and you’ll want to get your best apron out in preparation of greatness made in the kitchen. All her recipes sounds and look yummy. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your enveloped with a story to go with that delicious meal. She carries you through the path of of childhood, travels and cooking that reflects it all.

For me baking is an experience and one that should be shared. As soon as I read through her recipe I knew I had the very simple ingredients and started to bake. I shared the process in my instagram feed and marveled at how not only beautiful they looked but how delicious they tasted!
I love finding bloggers that share and it’s an even sweeter treat when I get to enjoy too!!

I took of bunch of photos of these cookies because…well….they just look so darn goo! Don’t they. AND trust me, they taste just as yummy.

To grab a copy of this delicious recipe, you’ll have to head over to MommieCooks.com. Tell her I sent you!