Home Ownership: What it means to me

Living frugally is a lifestyle. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstance. Either way, it’s a conscience way of living. Being in the moment of what is really important to you. Which leads me to the reason why I want to answer this question. Home Ownership. What it means to me…sit a while and I’ll tell you why I’m really excited about being a homeowner again. It means so many things to that I just have to make a list so I don’t miss any of them:

Being a homeowner to me means…..

  • No more relying on landlords for home stability. This housing crash has forced some truly ugly behavior with landlords. Thank goodness for the county which we reside in because they were kind enough to let us know that the homeowners {who make a substantial living} were cashing our hard-earned checks and pocketing them while we waited, to only discover we needed to find a home in 30 days. True Story and a sad one.
  • No more hoping I won’t have to file a school variance for our bambinos. Let me tell you, this is something that never even crossed my mind before having kids. Where you live is truly important once you have children. It’s no longer just about “the house”. Location, location, location. We’ve all heard it but it never hit so hard until we had kids.
  • Knowing we can do updates to the property as we wish. Making our home “ours” is so important to us. I know I know, you can make it your own if you’re renting too….BUT you know what I mean. You really can’t. Try painting that kitchen cabinet and have your landlord be ok with it…NOT! Can’t wait to get creative. I feel like it’s been stiffened for years now.
  • Tax write off. Oh yes! I’ve missed this one. We’ve been home owners before and I can say, this is the one thing I miss the most.
  • Knowing my kids will have THIS home as our forever home. I know, nothing is forever; but, This home means so much more to us than the others in the past. God willing we will be here for as long as the house will have us.

I love picking out trees our kids will be able to grow with.

Making memories for them that will last a lifetime with smells that come from my kitchen and laughs that will make your belly shake:

~ recipe coming ~

I love sitting and looking at their rooms and knowing they can make it their space. The possibilities are endless. I’m just in love with it! Can you tell.

Oh and don’t forget, when we are done with this whole process because it is indeed a process, I will be sharing it with you all. I’m truly going to burst keeping it in but because it’s so awesome, however it’s also very intricate. I want to make sure I’ve got it all down so when you ask me a question {oh because you will} I’ll be able to answer from start to finish. They {don’t ask me who yet} does not offer too much description of how the whole “getting a home” process works so we’ve had to work through it the best way we can but…..almost 7 months later we are almost a week {maybe two, but hoping one} away from our forever home. I love that my sister gave it that name. …thanks sissy!

It’s not too difficult being frugal while not owning your own home, I’ve done it for YEARS and did it very well…but I’ve also been a homeowner before and know all the benefits of what that means. Living frugally and being frugal can be much easier obtained when there is a lifestyle in place that’s consistent. I can’t wait!

This title means something different to everyone. What does home ownership mean to you? I would love to hear.