Black History Month Final Thoughts on Movies

Winding down from a powerful month long of fabulous shows on Cox Black history month.  If your just catching up, you can read my first post HERE and my second powerful post HERE.

Since I spent the weekend sick, I continued my TV watching with The Black List.  All the volumes… 1-3.  I watched volume 1 and was taken in deep and quick.  I can’t wait until our children are old enough to share their stories so close to mine with them.  As a mother, the one thing I hope to give my children is the ability to have empathy.  With empathy you can feel and connect with others on a level that is so powerful.  I know that seems simple but I know it’s the one quality that has made me the person I am today and I’m proud of my personal accomplishments.  This is FREE!  Teaching your children.  Taking the time to listen to them.  It’s FREE!  Taking the time to educate your children…it’s FREE!  Can’t get any more frugal than a dose of life lessons.  That’s what my dad has always done and I adore him for it!

Please put this on your movie rotation for 2012.  You will view your interpretation of others in a new light.  And if you already have this information first hand knowledge, this film will only solidify your passion.

I’ve truly enjoyed watching these films with my family and hope you do/did as well!

Keep in mind that these great films are not only available during Black History Month but all year long.  I love that Cox is highlighting some of the selections that focus on black history and culture, and making these movies easy-to-find during Black History Month in the “Top Picks” folder On Demand.  It’s been a great way for my family to find these awesome films.

Keep in mind that some are free and some have a small fee  as little as $1.99.

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