2012 CES Conference What to Wear & How to Pack

As a professional blogger I love attending conferences.  Conferences not only enhance my ability to bring my readers good content but keeps me updated with what’s new and fresh in the industry.  Living in Las Vegas gives me the luxury of having one of the best consumer conferences in the country...CES.  The Consumer Electronic Show!  I’ve attended years past but this year; this year was the first time I noticed bloggers seemed to be a buzz everywhere.  In the speaker panel, in the gadget spotlight and even in the check in process.  We were front and center.

Checking out New Cool Gadgets:

Listening to awe inspiring speakers talk on our industry <bloggers & brands>

But truly…let’s admit it!  What’s really important?  What to wear….LOL  Seriously, this is the main thing.   If you go to a conference and your missing one little element to get you through the day, it could spoil your whole expierence.  So, I want to share with you what this frugalista packs in my necessity bag:

First and foremost are your kicks, a.k.a….shoes!  These will be the essence of your day.  My partner in crime wore the ever popular Toms  seen on my 2011 Gift Guide must have.  I wore my absolutely comfiest pair of kicks ever.  My Nikes!

They are stylish enough to wear with slacks {which I did wear} but comfy enough to walk for 8 hours. I nabbed these at my local Nordstrom Rack for $19 and have had them for over 2 years.

Then…there’s your goodies.  The goodies that will carry you through the conference to the end.  There is one item not pictured here and those are snacks.  Please please please pack snacks.  Lines will be long, blood sugars will drop and the day will be miserable.

And here’s what I pack in my survival pack:

  1. Apple iPad 2 – a must for a quick post that you want to actually look nice. If there is downtime, this will come in handy.
  2. Cell phone – need I say more, SamSung is becoming my close favorite so far this year {been through 2}
  3. My iGo Charger for my cell phone and iPad
  4.  MyJawbone II Bluetooth Headset with NoiseAssassin – a MUST!
  5. Philosophy Lip Shine Mimosa – a must in my purse regardless
  6. John Masters Lotion – Keeps my hands hydrated all day long even after washing.
  7. Extra Pair of Glasses {purchased FREE from Coastal Glasses – First pai free w/code: FIRSTPAIRFREE}
  8. JoToes Bag – I did squeeze my DSLR inside but only had it out for a second.

My VegasBloggers Buddy Stefanie and I had a Blast!  It was quick, fully packed and we learned a plethora of information.  Not to mention all the cool items we saw.  For more cool pics of our experience you can view my VegasBloggers post and view my Google + album!