BloggyBootCamp~Arizona Recap 2010

Where have I been?  No posts from the Deal Fanatic.  Want to know why..or do you already know?  I am home from Bloggy Boot Camp – Arizona 2010 and have much to share.  First I want to thank all that was involved with putting this conference together, Tiffany & heather of The SITS Girls & fabulous sponsors that were there and contributed to the making of Bloggy Boot Camp.

So let’s start off by what we did and what I learned.

Day 1

{or evening 1 – started at dinner friday night}

Eating dinner is a great way to engage in conversation because you already have one thing in common – your hungry!  I sat at the Table with the following lovely ladies:

Photo taken by Angry Juile {who is not at all angry}

Mama Kats of Mamas Bitchin – Freagin awesomeness just oozing from her pores
Twitter – @mamakats

Kathy of Coupon Chic – my BFF & happens to be the most talented person on the planet {we got there late so we aren’t in the picture, oh darn ;-}
Twitter – @couponchic

Jess of Shuggilippo – pea your pants funny
Twitter – @Shuggilippo

Rachel Lopez of Rachel Rants – a super smart under cover chic that happens to be absolutely stunning
Twitter – @rachelsrants

There was one other fabulous lady there and I hate I didn’t write her name down.  Just starting off and she doesn’t have a blog or twitter yet but I can tell you by the time she left there she probably had all that plus a Facebook up & running.

Blogger Conference advice:

  • Do not stand too close to the outdoor heat lamps as this could cause for smoke and then flame.  For those of you who saw my “smoky” moment, Thank you for not putting it on YouTube and then sharing it with the world.  However, it will be nice to be forever known as “smoky”
  • Enjoy every minute of it because it will go fast and you’ll be left wanting more.

Day 2

A fun filled day of table hopping {great idea Heather & Tiffany} This was the best idea because you weren’t allowed to get too comfy cozy in your seat, oh no…you had to get up and mingle with others {hence the reason for going in the first place} and if your were following my tweets you know exactly who I sat by and what was going on the whole time {look for hastag #bloggybootcampm}.

I’m so glad the Bloggy Boot Camp had a resident photographer {Angry Julie Monday} for two reasons.  (1) I do not have flash on my camera – I know it breaks my heart too.  But If you know anything about photographs you know low light = blur…Urghhhh!!!  This makes me a natural light taking kinda gal {for now}

(2) This allowed me the freedom to not worry about taking pictures but connecting with the other fabulous bloggers that  were there and listen…oh listen…to all the knowledge that was being shared.

I will admit, I was a bit “star struck”.  Want to know by who:

Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle – I’ve read her blog for YEARS and could not believe I got to take a picture with her and even talk to her..OMG!!!  She is the most absolute sweetest ever!  I could go on and on how and why she’s so fabulous but if you want to know first hand..just go read her blog!

Digital Kadi of Marketing by Moms – Have you seen any of her YouTube videos??  OMG..she will put you in stitches and make you think of a whole new way of seeing things.  She’s just freagin awesome!

Melissa at Consumer Queen – I just love her!  You have to read her blog to know all the history but she is just as great as you think she is when you read her blog.  I truly felt like we knew each other {no she has no idea who I am but she is so personable when you meet, you’ll think she already knows you}

The suprise for me was meeting Ted Rubin from Open Sky.  I completely sounded like an idiot when I met him and he was so gracious to play along with my idiot”ness” and keep it going.  Intelligent man!!  You will want to follow him on twitter for sure…

Yes I look insanely crazy…but has mad fun!!!

And if you have little ones, you’ll want to check out Peas & Bananas.

Top 3 things I learned while at Camp

  1. There really are “real” people behind the blog & they “get it”  They get YOU without explanation
  2. Change is a REALLY good thing – so be prepared for it, because it’s coming!
  3. Don’t go to conferences for loot!  But if your, you definately want to come out swinging with what I won at Bloggy Boot Campyes, you see right!  This is a Michael Kors Bag and this lusciously soft piece of leather is all mine!!  Thanks Everyone.  I wish I had more time to sit and chat with all the fabulous bloggers because I by no means, met all that was there.  I will just need to attend more in the future.  I could be hooked!
  4. and I’m going to throw in a fourth because this could be the best information you’ll ever get:  Do not stand next to the heat lamps, especially if you are wearing 5 inch heels and your already 5’8″ with oil in your hair. Not a good mix!

-Now resuming our regularly scheduled program –